Line Dance Video Terminologi

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videos med Robert Royston

What is Line Dancing?
Robert gives you the answer

Line Dance vs. Square Dancing

How to Line Dance with Robert Royston

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Choreograph a Line Dance

Step variations
taught by
Robert Royston

Basic Pattern Structure

Ball change + Kick Ball Change +
Point Ball change + Knee Ball Change

Brush + Scuff + Leg Lifts + chug = scoot)

Charlestons + Charlestons with Swivels +
Lindi Charlestons +
Side by Side Charlestons + Touch Step

Find the beat

Heel Movement

Heel Split + Heel Swivels + Heel Switches + Heel Hook

Hip movements
Hip Bumps + Hip Grind + Hip Rolls + Body Rolls

Hop vs. Jump + Skip + Chug = Scoot

Rodeo Kicks + Figure 4s

Shorty George + Boogie Walks + Scissor Step

Shuffle step + Polka Step

Solid walk + Camel walks + Slide

Syncopation = Splitting of a beat

Tag, Restart + Out of Phrase

Touch, step + Step touches + Monterey turns

Triple rythms

Triple step + Swing triple + Sailor shuffle + Coaster step

Turns + Spiral Turn + Pivot + Push Turn +
The Chaine Turn = Three Step Turn

Two Steps (2-step)

Vine = Grapevine +
Lock steps + Jazzbox